LED Dance Floor Rental - Portable LED Dance Floor

Adding an LED Dance Floor is an easy and affordable way to make your wedding or event stand out for all guests, just add a portable LED dance floor. LED Dance floor rental service by Fady Events is a convenient way for wedding planners to provide a stunning dancing environment for small, medium, and large events. Since these LED floors come in sections, we can easily adjust their size to suit the number of attending guests and size of your venue. In addition, the portability of the sections makes it easy to set up a floor before your event begins and tear it down when the dancing ends. Besides flooring, dance floor2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ sections can be used to create breath taking LED runway floors, stage covers, platform covers, and more.

Portable LED Dance Floor Rental for Weddings in California

You can choose from our trending LED white or black, solid white or black, checkered, or wood dance floors to customize a look that fits your California wedding or special event.

Serving Wedding planners in California, Fady Events is known for:

  • Portable dance floor rental delivery and setup
  • Affordable LED dance floor rental service for large floors and stages.
  • Wedding dance floor rental to private events in California
  • Party dance floor for traditional events in California
  • Ballroom dance floor rental services to California dance halls
  • Custom event dance floors to host a modern event

While you are here checking our dance floors, don’t forget to check out our fog machines too. There’s nothing like a low-laying fog effect floating around the dance floor while the bride and groom are having their first dance.

White Dance Floor

whitedancefloorwhite dance floor perfect for a white wedding…

LED Black Dance Floor

dance-floor-blackBlack dance floor perfect for a black wedding….


dance-floor-blackLED dance floor perfect for a fancy wedding…..