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Uplighting is most commonly used for weddings and elegant events. Light fixtures project washes of light on the walls and drapes, adding color and depth to complement the colors you are using for your reception. Uplighting looks fantastic in photos and acts as an effective base lighting layer.

Normally, you need an uplight for every 8 to 15 feet of wall length depending on the overall appearance that you want to achieve.

Uplighting comes in almost any color. You can do a single color, multiple colors or have the lights change during the event. Blue color uplighting is used in the shown picture.
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Gobo lighting adds character and sophistication to any event. Gobo lights project patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, dance floors, stages and more to create depth, contrast and interest. There are hundreds of premade patterns that you can choose from but we also offer custom designs for a little extra cost based off of decor elements. The actual templates used to create the pattern are referred to as gobos. Gobo lighting may also be referred to as wash lighting, texture lighting, Leko Lighting or Altman Lighting. Leaf gobo patterns are used in this picture.


Monogram lighting is a form of gobo lighting. In this form, gobo must be custom made. Normally, gobo design includes the couple’s name and event date, but it can be anything you like as shown in the picture. FadyEvents will work one-on-one with you to come up with a design and create a template gobo. We mount the gobo into a light and project it anywhere you want in the room, such as the dance floor, main walls, behind the head table or at the entrance.


Narrow beams of light are focused on specific items in the room, highlighting them as shown in the flower centerpiece picture. Elements such as centerpieces, the cake, place cards, guestbook area, sweetheart tables, head tables and more can benefit from this type of lighting. Essential to creating an elegant, high-contrast look, pin spot lighting can be used at each of the guest tables and centerpieces. This allows the overall main lighting in the room to be lowered, allowing us to create the perfect romantic ambiance best for weddings, engagements and anniversaries.


Our disco ball creates 1000s of pinpoints of light that look like stars moving in all directions as the ball rotates. Disco ball lighting is affordable for weddings and events on a tight budget, lending a fun, creative and aesthetically pleasing element to any event. It’s not just for 70s theme parties! Incorporate a disco ball for anything from weddings to Quinceañeras.


Pipes are used to hold up the LED-infused fabric panels to create a beautiful, romantic backdrop. In this picture of my own wedding, we used a black LED curtain to resemble the night sky. LED stars on the curtain can be fixed to a single color or multiple colors, plus they can even blink and twinkle.


Dance floors with LED lights as shown in the picture are trending now and are yet another smart way to add an elegant and dramatic look to your wedding or event. We can set the lights to a color of your choice, and can even have them change color, sparkle or twinkle for just the right ambience.


Moving heads move in different directions and cast rays of light as shown in this picture. They can be synced to move in one direction together or with each moving head going in a different direction for a dizzying, dramatic effect. This type of lighting is best for stage lighting and concerts.


Laser lighting or laser show consists of projected narrow laser beams normally set to music. Narrow beams allow the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images on walls, ceilings or other surfaces. Laser show is more appropriate for clubs, stages, and concert lighting, but it can perfectly and safely be used for unconventional weddings and events.

Cake Mapping/Lighting

Image Mapping on wedding cakes is the new trend that projects beautiful images on cake tiers. The latest obsession is taking wedding
cakes to a whole new level.

Couples are using image mapping on their wedding cakes and the results are tiered masterpieces too beautiful
to eat. Cake Mapping/Lighting is shown in photo.

1.Lighting is the most cost effective way to transform and enhance your reception venue.
2.Everything looks the same in the dark and comes to life in the light
3.Lighting purchased through the venue will be more expensive than going through FadyEvents
4.You may need less or no decoration when using the right types of lighting for your event and save money

FadyEvents strives to understand your event and can demonstrate what each of the lighting effects will offer for your event space.
Flowers, cakes, place card settings, head table, food, decorations, venues and people all look much better in the right light!

At FadyEvents, we know choosing the right lighting for your event can be puzzling and challenging at times, so we have set
out to make lighting as simple as possible.
Below is a visual guide to lighting terms to help you understand the industry lingo.